You Can Now Have Your Wedding At Macca’s For $600

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McDonald’s Apple Pie cake, darling? 


According to Bride To Be magazine, the average cost of an Australian wedding is a staggering $65,482. And let’s face it: that’s a lot of money for a reception dinner you’re probably not going to have time to enjoy. 

But McDonald’s has you and your forever person (and your savings account) covered - they’re now hosting wedding receptions and bridal showers. 

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Fifteen McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong are now offering four packages priced between $567 and $1,890 AUD. 

Packages include invitations, guest favours, balloon bouquets and a tiered apple pie wedding cake, which sounds absolutely bloody delicious. 

One YouTuber, 26-year-old Safiya Nygaard, travelled with her fiance Tyler Williams to experience fast food nuptials first hand:

Can't decide who to invite to your Macca's wedding? 

Hong Kong remains the only city in the world where couples can host an official McDonald's wedding reception, so everyone and their fiance @ McDonalds Australia - we want that tiered apple pie cake and to climb drunk in the jungle gym. 

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