Important: You Can Get A Giant Blanket With Your Dog's Face On It

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Fido never looked so good.

It is our noble priviledge to introduce to you the only gift you ever need to give again:

The custom pet fleece blanket by Print Your Pet.


This bad boy is perfect for the pet lover who simply must be adorned with the face of their companion at all times, or perhaps wishes to indulge their pooch's trademark narcissim with style and flair.

Either way, mission accomplished.

There are several size options available, with puppy bed sized blankets (101 cm x 76cm), twin-sized blankets (152cm x 127cm), and king-size blankets (203cm x 152cm) all up for grabs.

The blankets are 100 per cent hand made, wash well and - bonus! - each order provides no-kill shelters with support to help keep dogs who don’t have homes cozy and warm. Prices start at USD$59.95, so you're winning all around.

They also have other cute customisable prods like iPhone cases and shirts if you aren't feeling/have already bought up, the blankets.

What are you waiting for?

Image: Print Your Pet


Fitzy met his match when Matt Okine stepped up for RAP UP OF THE WEEK:


Written By Ally Parker