Is this the world’s hottest grandma?

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Gina Steward via Instagram

‘I’m loving living in my new nude body suit’

Social media star, Gina Stewart, has flaunted her figure on a Gold Coast beach in a golden bikini. 

The influencer became a grandmother late last year and has since gained a strong following online. She posted the raunchy photos to her 86 thousand followers.

The grandma thanked her followers on Instagram for voting her the ‘world’s hottest gran’.

Despite having plastic surgery, the 47-year-old is now a big advocate for ‘natural beauty’ after suffering from illnesses relating to the implants. 

The model told the Daily Mail that implants aren’t safe and can cause serious illnesses. 

“There are no implants out there that are safe… they are all toxic”

Steward announced she is looking into removing her breast implants that were inserted as a result of bullying in her younger years.

Sending a firm challenge to the industry to research 'safer alternatives' to implants, the influencer told the publication that women deserve to be protected.

“I want to challenge all the major companies out there to invent a safer alternative to protect all of the women from this illness”

The social media sensation has committed to use her social following to help women see their inner natural beauty.

Image: Gina Steward via Instagram


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