Woolworths Is Having A HUGE 50% Off Sale Right Now

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And yes, alcohol is on sale too. 

Prepare your wallet and clean out your fridge; Woolies have slashed prices on over 1,000 products for the next 24 hours.

Now is the perfect time to quite literally stock up for winter with products on sale from every possible category, from the freezer to the beauty section. 

The Online Super Sale began this morning and will continue until 15 May, but only, y'know, online. 

Which is PERFECT because who has time to stand in a gigantic queue anyway? 

Pick up a Maybelline Burgundy Bar Eyeshadown palette for $13.50, down from $27, or stock up on their BB cream for just $8.50. 

Or if you’re needing a chocolate fix to get you through the week, dig behind your couch cushions and grab any 100G Kitkat black for $2.25.

Oh, did we mention liquor is on sale as well? 

You can grab a bottle of Five Sounds Marlborough Sav Blanc for half price at just $10, or a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label for just $45. 

Now normally we'd say "Run, don't walk," but since the sale is online just click here and go for gold!


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Written By Brynn Davies