Woolies just launched dessert flavoured Hot Cross Buns and we can't even

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White chocolate chunks, raspberries and more!

Easter is here.

Well, it's actually not but Hot Cross Buns are everywhere so we're allowed to start eating them and all you haters can sit down.

Woolworths is excited to announce that from 18 February, two new limited edition hot cross bun flavours will be hitting shelves: Woolworths Banana & Caramel Hot Cross Buns and Woolworths White Chocolate & Raspberry Hot Cross Buns,  both 4 packs priced at $3.50.

Taking inspiration from popular desserts, these two new additions to the Easter range will cater to those with a sweet tooth.

The Woolworths Banana & Caramel Hot Cross Buns are made with decadent caramel pieces and Australian bananas for a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth experience while the Woolworths White Chocolate & Raspberry Hot Cross Bun contains white chocolate chunks and raspberries for a hot cross bun with a sharp, fruity zing.

Woolworths Head of Bakery, Ben Thompson said: 

“Our team of bakers had a lot of fun sampling new flavour combinations to come up with these two additions to the Easter range and we are confident they’re going to become a hot favourite with our customers.”

These hot cross buns join the existing Woolworths range of Brioche Style Hot Cross Bun with Fruit 6 pack, Traditional Hot Cross Bun 6 pack, Fruitless Hot Cross Bun 6 pack and the Mini Cadbury Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun 9 pack - all for $3.50.

The new Limited Edition Woolworths Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream has also been flying off shelves since it launched at the start of the year.


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