These are the jobs that will be paying the MOST in 2018

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For those who are hoping to make 2018 the year they make bank, listen closely because the following info may just change your whole damn life. 


The Robert Walters Salary Survey for 2018 is out and it has made some pretty major predictions about where the money should be flowing this year.

According to the study, careers in machine learning and artificial intelligence should expect to see the highest increase in pay. Robert Walters NSW Director Andrew Hanson spoke with 9NEWS about the results, pointing out the high demand for experts in the area:

“It's a hugely growing area, new technologies and engineers and developers in this space are very hard to come by, so that's why they're at number one,” he said.

“As always, supply and demand are going to drive these things."

Check out the list of the top five careers when it comes to salary growth for 2018 below:

1. Roles in machine learning and artificial intelligence 

2. Infrastructure project directors

3. Digital directors

4. Healthcare workers 

5. Careers in data analytics and security  

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo
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