These Are The Craziest Excuses People Have Used To Get Out Of Work

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“I have an appointment with my probation officer.” 

Even the best people have crap days. 

You know the kind: you wake up and really don’t want to do your job. You’d rather stay in bed with Netflix and a hot Milo and ignore the world outside. 

Or maybe, you’re working a shift and suddenly realise you’re not willing to do it all over again the next day. 

Or MAYBE you’re genuinely having a rubbish day and social interaction just feels too much. 

Whatever the reason, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wanted to get out of work but haven’t have a legitimate-sounding excuse. 

Well, we’ve asked around and found some of the best excuses people have used to call in ‘sick’. 

Get out a pen and get ready to take some notes, because you’ll want to bank these for later use: 

Images: Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi
It comes with a freakin’ rotisserie basket. 

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