These Are The Best Wines To Pair With Chocolate

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Yes, really.

Wine goes with everything. 

Well, we think it does. If you drink enough of it it does. 

Unless you’ve got a super refined palate in which case… good for you? 

Anyhoo, we’re gonna be eating a lot of chocolate over Easter. And since it’s also the long weekend / a weekend / we’re not at work, we’ll probs be drinking a lot of wine too. 

And don’t turn your noses up at this, but we’ve got a list of the best wines to pair with treats from the Easter Bunny. 

Yes, really. Apparently wine and chocolate pair well together. 

We have it from an expert source - Carolyn Etherington, who is the marketing manager for Exclusive Liquor Brands at Coles and WSET. 

I.e. she’s a legit certified wine expert and we WANT her job.


Pinot Noir is a shockingly good pairing with white chocolate. The white chocolate acts as the fat to deliver sweet flavours of red cherries, strawberries, and raspberries found in the wine.

Etherington recommends: 

  • Curious Kiwi Pinot Noir
  • The Ned Pinot Noir
  • Rapaura Springs Pinot Noir
  • Ballewindi Pinot Noir



A good milk chocolate is usually about half chocolate and half cream. The extra fat from the cream makes milk chocolate one of the easiest “true” chocolates to pair liquor with.

Etherington recommends:

  • St Andrews Tawny
  • McWilliams five-year-old Tawny



The polyphenols in dark chocolate mirror those in wine and give both a slightly bitter taste. The bitterness in dark chocolate is what we recommend balancing out with a properly selected wine pairing. Shiraz, Zinfandel and Malbec are all great pairings for dark chocolate.

Etherington recommends:

  • Winton Road Shiraz
  • Wente Zinfandel
  • Pensilva Shiraz
  • Franco & Rico Malbec

So there you have it. You can have your chocolate and drink your wine too. 

Written By Brynn Davies