This Summer’s Bikini Trend Is All Underboob And We Protest

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2019 has so far seen bikini-suit hybrids, invisible bikinis and backwards bikinis take social media by storm.

But there’s a bikini trend that’s going to be hitting more than your feed, with your fave outlets like ASOS and The Iconic stocking up on the style for the summer months.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this season’s hottest trend is looking like it’s...



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That’s right folks, get ready to spend all your money on half the material, because itty bitty teenie weenie bikinis are getting a whole lot itty bittier. Apparently sick of some good ol’ cleavage and side-boob, fashion designers are giving the breasts’ lower half some time in the sun - literally.

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Celebs like Tammy Hembrow and Kim Kardashian are more than happy to risk a wardrobe malfunction, and while they might be able to pull it off (or keep it on) others aren’t so convinced.

“If I had these tatas, hell no I’d be scared for them to fall out,” one person wrote on a Fashion Nova Instagram post advertising the style.

“This suit is made to take pictures in, not to actually swim or sunbathe,” said another.

Mummy ‘grammer @knee_deep_in_life did a reality test on a pair of such togs:

“I'm not sure what's more disturbing??? The fact I've got four tits or how far up my arse I managed to ram my sons pants?!?” she captioned the hilarious outcome.


Yep, we think we’ll leave this one to the pool-side posers. 

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Written By Brynn Davies