Stranger Things Monopoly Is Here And Yes, It Includes The Upside Down

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How’s the real estate in hell?

If Dungeons & Dragons just isn’t your cuppa tea, Stranger Things Monopoly will have your rainy weekends sorted.

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Screw the top hat, you can play as a gawd damn Eggo:

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The game is fully up to date with all things Season 3, and includes playable tokens such as Steve's Scoops Ahoy sailor hat, a cassette tape, Max's skateboard, Police Chief Jim Hopper's hat, a nail-filled baseball bat, and more. 

The way you play the classic game has also undergone a sci-fi makeover. As well as the normal dice, there’s a D&D-inspired four-sided die, which allows players to move through tunnels under Hawkins. 

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Forget MayFair you can nab yourself a cosy chunk of Hawkins, Indiana. Properties have been replaced by forts and hideouts, and parts of the game - including the die - glow in the dark for that added nostalgic cool. 

Places around the board include Starcourt Mall and Fairgrounds, subbing out Boardwalk and Park Place as the priciest properties.

The game is available for preorder now for $49.99.

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Written By Brynn Davies