The secret to finding love on dating apps

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Looking for that Joey and Pacey kind of love? Feel like the Tinders and Bumbles and Happns of the world are letting you down swipe after swipe? Here’s how to fix that

Dating guru and mastermind behind dating site 30 Ever After, Iona gives a little insight into how to get the most out of your dating apps: i.e. how to get LOVE out of your dating apps. Here are her top three tips on dating in the digital age:

1. Be specific in your online profile

Finding love

With online dating, your profile is your first impression. Take the time to think of a profile description that reflects who you are. This is one of the first filters when meeting someone online and is a great way to begin to see if you have anything in common with one another. You can quickly gain a sense of what a person may be like from what they include in their profile.

2. Be very selective in the profile images you choose

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When it comes to dating apps, images capture more attention than text because it’s the first thing a guy will see when they come across your profile. Again, it’s best to select images that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Iona has spoken to dozens of men about this and has developed criteria for a what a good profile includes:

  • Include 3-5 images (2 of the images should show the full body)
  • If you can, include images of you alone (this takes the guesswork out)
  • With professional photography, it’s fine to have 1-2, but any more than that is overkill
  • Avoid showing too much cleavage in too many of your photos; it may give the wrong impression (this, of course, comes down to personal choice)
  • Keep the makeup natural
  • Ensure your pictures are recent

3. Maintain a good mindset

Find love

Lastly, go into every date knowing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Each experience will bring something new to your life either way.

Hopefully (very soon) you'll walk away with a relationship that looks something like this:

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo