People Leave The Most Random AF Things In Ubers

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Including an adult toy, bacon and more.

We’ve all been there —  after a stressful day at work or at the end of a night out, that sinking feeling when you know you’ve left something behind on your Uber trip. Don’t worry, you’re not alone —  thousands of claims were made by Aussies losing items last year. 

Uber has released its latest Lost & Found Index, which provides us with a small insight into Aussie’s lives. Spare a thought for the person who left their friend in an Uber and then claimed them as lost.

Here's a not so surprising but fun fact - the most common day to lose an item is Saturday and the most common time is 1am.

The Mornington Peninsula lost more items than any other city across the country, followed closely by Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast then Melbourne.

We all know the number one item left on an Uber trip is a mobile phone but here is a list of some of the more interesting items left in your ride home:

  • An adult toy 
  • A child
  • Bacon 
  • Someone claimed to have lost their dignity while another person said they lost the love of their life
  • Not one, but two wedding gowns and a wedding ring
  • Underwear 
  • Someone lost their friend (probably not friends anymore...)
  • A shopping trolley (so many questions)

  • Fake teeth
  • Several mouth retainers
  • A cake
  • A pork roast
  • A drone 
  • A Violin
  • A rider lost a pair of “stunnas”, we hope they were all reunited in the end 
  • One single chilli 

Thousands of items are left behind in Uber rides each day, but if you lose something on a trip you’re in luck, because you can easily contact your driver-partner to get your item returned. The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver-partner.

Here's how: 

  • Tap “Your Trips” and select the trip where you left something
  • Tap “I lost an item”
  • Tap “Contact driver about a lost item”
  • Scroll down and enter the phone number you would like to be contacted at, then tap submit
  • If you lost your personal phone, enter a friend’s phone number instead (you can do this by logging into your account on a computer, or using a friend’s phone)
  • Your phone will ring and connect you directly with your driver-partner’s mobile number
  • If your driver-partner picks up and confirms that your item has been found, coordinate a mutually convenient time and place to meet for its return to you
  • If your driver-partner doesn’t pick up, leave a detailed voicemail describing your item and the best way to contact you

Easy done! Maybe don't leave any more adult toys lying around in Ubers, no-one wants to touch that. 

Image: Uber


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