Nutritionist claims pizza is okay for breakfast and we're not mad about it

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Get the toaster out.

You already do it, even when you try to deny it but we all secretly eat left over pizza for breakfast. 

But guess what's going to make it even better? Having a nutritionist tell us it's a-okay to eat it!

Acclaimed nutritionist Chelsey Amer has granted us all permission to indulge in cold pizza for breakfast forever. Amer says delicious cheesy pizza is better for you than your favourite sugary breakfast cereal.

Thank the pizza Gods for this incredible news.

Just in time for you Prunch (Pizza + Brunch), Pizza Hut is bringing back its iconic 481 1111 jingle AND is running a competition that invites Aussies to create their own unique twist on the iconic jingle.

Pizza Hut has revamped the catchy tune to launch its latest value offering - the Unreal Deal. Featuring a heavy guitar riff, the rocked-up version of the song is accompanied by the details of Pizza Hut’s new Unreal Deal range. Pizza lovers can enjoy three classic flavours, Margherita, Hawaiian or Americano, with prices starting from just $3* for a personal pan pizza, $5* for a medium and only $7* for a large.  These delicious pizzas are an online-only deal, available exclusively as pick-up orders.

We’ve also seen overnight a huge response on social media, with Aussie’s claiming they’ll now be buying two pizzas, and some even cancelling their fancy reservations to trade in for pizza.

Head here to enter the competition.

Image: Married At First Sight

Written By Christina Cavaleri

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