A New Food App Has Launched And It's Giving You $30 Off Your Orders

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We’ll have 20 burgers thanks. 

Just when you thought you had enough food delivery apps on your phone, another one launches. But we're not mad about it.

DoorDash is the largest food-delivery app in the US operating in more than 4000 cities in North America delivering food from 310,000 businesses and its chosen Melbourne for its Aussie debut. 

The rollout is started in the CBD with businesses such as Nando’s, Betty’s Burgers, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, Misschu and Bay City Burrito.

But what makes this app different from the others, well for starters it's running a "30 or $30" promotion for new customers. So, if your burger isn't at your doorstep within 30 minutes, you get $30 off your next order. Plus they're saying "See ya later" to delivery fees over $10 for the first month. 

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It also has a 'pick up' option which means customers can order takeaway in advance and skip any time wasting lines. 

Friday night dinner already ordered. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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