'Mortifying' Bikini Fail Going Nuts On Social Media

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Another 'poolside posing only' bikini is causing waves (figurative only of course) online.

A 25-year-old London woman named Emily caused the stir, tweeting about her "mortifying" experience with a $30 bikini set from online brand Pretty Little Thing.

The swimmers, named as the Bow Bikini, become very, very see-through upon touching water, which Emily discovered while wearing them with friends.


She reported the incident to PLT only to be told the set was for "poolside posing" only.

“The best and most mortifying part is that they said bikinis are for ‘poolside posing,’” she told Fox News. “I’d understand if it was a glittery, jewelled bikini, but it’s so basic.”

Emily shared the frustrating experience on Twitter where she said she had “so many people express their frustrations for me and some have similar experiences”.

“The fit was great and the quality was thick enough,” she told the publication of the black version - which she also owned.

“Also, the white bikini was more expensive, which I assumed was due to the material being thicker to avoid this situation."

Since sharing her experience, Emily claims PLT has apologised and offered her a refund.

Image: Instagram

Written By Ally Parker