This Kmart Couch Topper For Your Dog Will Change Your Life

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Say goodbye to fur and scratch marks.

Your puppy can now sit next to you without leaving a pile of hair on your expensive couch or scratch the live out of your leather. 

Our friends at Kmart (not surprised) have developed a smart AF idea for your four legged friend to sit next to you while you binge Netflix.

It's called The Pet Quilted Couch Topper and it's basically a mini couch for your pet to snuggle in. 

The life-changing idea will set you back just $20.

Some diehard fans think the couch topper does not need to be strictly for animals:

One fan said: "Need this for the kids!"

And another idea: "This looks like a good idea for when you’re covered in fake tan and want to sit on your couch"

Have a good at the product here and act fast because these babies will not last.

Image: Kmart/Real Estate View


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Written By Christina Cavaleri