The jobs paying $100,000 a year WITHOUT a degree

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*immediately changes career*

It can be sooooo hard to get up in the mornings and go to work.

But one thing that’d make it easier? More money! 

The CEO of jobs website Adunza has told The Today Show there are quite a few positions paying up to $100,000 that don’t require a university education.

At the top of the list are air traffic controllers with an average salary well over $100,000.

While the money sounds great, many of the careers listed – like air traffic controller, police detective and nuclear power reactor operator – sound pretty high-pressured.

Maybe we’re better off in our current jobs after all…

The top paying jobs that don’t need a degree:

Air Traffic Controller –  $108,040

General and operations managers –  $94,400 

Construction manager - $83,860

Transportation and distribution manager –  $80,210

Police supervisors and detectives – $78,260

Radiation therapist –  $77,890

Nuclear power reactor operator –  $75,650

Elevator installer –  $70,910 


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Written By Cassie Crofts

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