Driver Fined For Something Passenger Did And Now We’re Stressing

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Did you know this was a thing? 

We all know basic road rules and fineable offences (we hope): 

Don’t run a stop sign. Don’t run a red light. Don’t park in a no parking or stop in a no stopping. Don’t speed. Don’t drink, do drugs or use your phone and drive. Basically, don’t do anything stupid, reckless or against the rules and you’ll be sweet. 

Now, we consider ourselves pretty decent and law-abiding drivers. We know all the above rules and do our best to abide by them (NOBODY IS PERFECT, SHARON, GET OFF OUR BACK). 

But one New South Wales driver was just fined for something that we had no idea was a thing and it didn’t even have anything to do with her- it was about her passenger. 

Are you stressed? We’re definitely stressed. 

Sheree, a women from Sydney, shared a photo of her  $337 (!!!) fine on Facebook to warn other drivers to not make the same ‘mistake’: 

“Tell your passengers to stay off their phones while you are driving, I got fined because my passenger was on FaceTime,’” she wrote.  

“Honestly didn’t know that was a thing.”

Neither did we Sheree, neither did we.

The offence on the fine was listed as “Drive vehicle with TV/VDU image likely to distract.”

We kind of get it- if you’re not allowed to use a GPS or your own phone when driving, then FaceTiming is probably not the best decision either. 

But Sheree wasn’t FaceTiming, her PASSENGER was. 

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The Facebook post has been shared 14,000 times, and other drivers shared their anger and said the offence should be publicised more. 

“What a joke. They haven’t advertised this much. As if we need something else to control while we’re driving,’” one user wrote. 

“Ok this is ridiculous. I get drivers being off their phones etc but this is pathetic,” wrote another. 

"Tell me you’re going to fight this?!?! That’s ridiculous,” another woman wrote.

Despite the outrage, the fine and the law that goes along with it is legit. The Roads and Maritime Services website confirms she committed a legitimate offence.

“Drive vehicle with TV/VDU image visible to driver’” is listed as an offence under their general driving offences section. 

“Drive vehicle with TV/VDU image likely to distract another driver,’” is also listed. 

Both offences carry the same fine amount, although only the first includes a loss of three demerit points. 

There you have it. 

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