Doctors reveal the one vegetable that boosts your health

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And it's not the tastiest 

It is very hard to eat enough vegetables as an adult, you’re always so busy at work and then you go out for a wine with friends and vegetables are a thing of the subconscious. 

Well we have news, if you’re one of the four out of five Australians who fail to eat enough vegetables we have a short cut to get you to your quota. 

According to a doctor in the UK, you only need to be eating one type to boost your health.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee, the author of “The Four Pillar Plan” and a correspondent on the BBC program, Doctor in the House, there is only one vegetable people really need to eat. Dr Chatterjee wrote in a recent article for MailOnline and revealed the secret:

“Broccoli is a lifesaver.”

According to Dr Chatterjee the green vege boosts people’s gut bacteria. 

“It does a number of things.”

“As it goes through the small intestine it helps to balance your immune system. 

“And then the fibre from the broccoli that can’t be digested goes along to the colon, which is the last part of the bowel, where most of the gut bugs reside and they start feasting on the fibre and making short chain fatty acids.”


Great, our least favourite vegetable is the one to eat. 

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