Dating app Bumble now lets you filter matches by star sign

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The future has arrived.

In the most 'wow, it really is 2019 isn't it?' news ever, dating app Bumble have introduced a feature which allows users to filter by star sign.

So what does this mean for us beleaguered singles?

No longer will we have to suss out star signs by way of casual Qs.

No longer will we have to hang out three times before asking for a star chart or hit up mothers for time of birth.

No longer will be be duped by Geminis.

To access to feature, users go to Settings>Advanced Date Filters and select their own star sign before ticking those they wish to include in their dating pool.

While obviously this feature only works with those who have chosen to include their star sign in their profile, it hasn't stopped users from celebrating their new found ability to exclude certain star signs.

Long story short?

Thank you, next.

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Written By Ally Parker

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