Cancer survivor given just two weeks left to live achieves incredible transformation

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GJ Hill

These photos were taken just six months apart!

Gary-John Hill from Perth was suffering from a constant irritating cough that doctors initially thought was asthma, however, with further testing, it was revealed he actually had a tumour.

Doctors found Hill had a 60cm tumour in his chest and was told if he didn’t start treatment he’d be dead in two weeks

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, he said:

“A massive tumour was pushing on my heart and there were other tumours in my lungs, neck and near my kidneys.”

“I was riddled with cancer and was told if I don't start treatment quickly I wouldn't be around in two weeks time.”

The next day he was beginning the process of seven different types of chemotherapy:

“The seven different types of chemotherapy is extremely tough but very effective, but it affected my blood count which meant I was not able to fight off even the smallest bugs.”

“It meant I had zero social life and only those closest to me could visit me during this time.”

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After six months he was finally cancer free. Two weeks after being discharged, Mr Hills began working on feeling better.

Every few days he would walk 200m, it was difficult to push himself much further than that.

But he didn’t give up easily and slowly but surely he was able to walk 1km without struggling. After that, he began going to the gym twice a week, then pushed himself to go five times which helped him regain his confidence and feelings of normality.

“As much of a physical transformation it was mental even more so.

“My workouts would be very light squats, bench and deadlifts.

“I progressively put more weight on the bar each week getting stronger and stronger. Then adding in pull ups and dips.”

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He added that he had to teach himself to eat again because he was so scared of everything:

“My diet slowly changed and became more varied, but I still stayed away from refined sugars and alcohol.

“My diet is varied but I don't eat any processed foods now. I love whole foods.”

Hill said his motivation for seeing people around him pass away and so he wanted to take advantage of his second chance. 

He is preparing for the WBFF Worlds for bodybuilding in Las Vegas and hopes sharing his story can be inspiration for many more people:

“If I can get fit after what I been through I'm sure I can help people with their fitness goals.”

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Written By Marni Dixit

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