Big W Just Dropped A Friends Range And How You Doin’?

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The winter blues are real, guys.

depressed the simpsons GIF

Thankfully, science says watching Friends is an awesome way to beat the black dog (for realz) so why not take a day off for ‘therapy’? *cough* binging every season. 

Celebrating 25 years since the cult classic hit our screens, Big W’s range has everything you need for a cosy day on the couch. 

Snuggle up in one of their over-sized Friends hoodies (if you get it in white, careful not to slop your food). 

The range also includes t-shirts and PJs starting at $15, featuring designs from the Central Perk logo to iconic catch-phrases. 

how you doin flirting GIF

Plus, Big W stock all ten seasons of Friends in a complete DVD box set, so your mental health day/weekend/life is SORTED. 

Go on, treat yourself - life’s too short for daggy loungewear.


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Written By Brynn Davies