This 'Backwards' Bikini Top Is Getting Absolutely Roasted Online

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Did anyone actually buy this?

Are you one of those folks who thinks a trip to the beach isn't filled with quite enough risk? 

Blue bottles? Not a big deal. Rips? No prob. Embarrassing sunburn in hard to reach/easy to chafe places? NBD.

So, without further ado, please welcome the swimsuit that'll turn your next sand sesh into the Thunderdome:

See what we mean about risk? One wrong move and you're in trouble. 

The 'bikini' - technically 'In The Style Buckle Micro Bikini Top' from ASOS - is getting blasted online thanks to Instagram account @asbos_sos who captioned their post, “When you get dressed (and you’re) still drunk.”

Followers felt the bikini top - RRP $25, on sale for $18 at time of writing - looked "backwards".

When you’re half asleep/drunk and put your bra on back to front...” one person wrote.

Another added: “When you pick up the luggage straps instead of your bra because it’s dark.”

To each their own?

Image: ASOS


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Written By Ally Parker

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