These Disney Princesses Reimagined As 2019 Gals Are Everything

1 min read

Can someone tell us where Belle got her jacket?

Bet you thought you'd seen all the 'Disney Princesses as...' posts in the world didn't you?

To be fair, most have been covered and we've liked them... but this one takes the cake.

Chilean artist Fernanda Suarez has reimagined Disney princesses (and some Pixar gals) as trendy, modern 2019 babettes and we're LOVING it:

Surarez also shares video tutorials of her creations on her YouTube page which we highly recommend checking out. They're mesmerising.

We'll never achieve that level of Photoshop mastery, but if you've ever been down a 'Halloween beauty tutorial' wormwhole on the 'Tube, you know how captivating watching other people's skills can be.

You can grab prints and phone cases etc. of her work at Society 6 so check it out quick smart.

Written By Ally Parker