This Animal-Shaped Kmart Dinnerware Will Help You Live Your Best Adult Life

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There’s a sloth!

Being an adult has its ups and downs. Independence is great and all, but responsibility kinda sucks. 

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We’re always up for anything that’s going to make our adult lives a little brighter and Kmart has delivered the goods. 

In this case ‘the goods’ are a range of cute cartoon nibble plates, including this colourful sloth: 

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A llama: 

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And a cactus with pretty pink flowers: 

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There’s also a watermelon, a cat and a cloud. They’re just $3 each and yes we want (need) them all. 

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But it’s not just us: Facebook group Addicted To Bargains has gone off with happy customers expressing their joy at the plates.

“How cute is this!!” one person commented. 

“I need to go to Kmart,” another said. 

“Maybe we should get one each,” a third person wrote. 

There were also lots of love heart eye emojis. 

Basically: you need these plates. Just think how excited your guests will be eating off cute, colourful cartoon plates. 

Doesn't get much more adult than that. 

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Images: Kmart / Getty , Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi