Aldi Selling Cinema-Size High Definition TV For $599

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I am now one with the couch. 


This week’s Aldi Special Buy has your mid-week TV binge sesh sorted. 

Seriously, there’s so much to watch right now and you owe it to the entertainment gods to view Bachie heartbreak on something a little more schmick than a three-year-old laptop. 

And what better way than on a simply humongous 65” 4K Ultra HD TV?

Retailing for a super-low $599, you’re nabbing a home-cinema-size screen for less than half of what comparative TVs are going for.

For real though. A quick peruse of other websites shows that 65” 4K TVs from other brands sell for upwards of $1,000.

P.S. It’ll even record live TV so you don’t need to miss a single rose ceremony. 

While we’re at it, Aldi is also selling a Soundbar with Enhanced Bass - which normally retails between $200-400 - for just $129.

Maths says you should definitely make yourself a home cinema for a mere $728. 

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There are a whole bunch of products to pimp out yourTV den on sale at Aldi this Saturday, 21 September. You can check them out here

Go on. Treat yo’ self. 


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