67 per cent of us are making huge mistakes on our CVs

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If you make a spelling error on your resume, your chances of getting the job are practically zilch

Applying for a job is hard enough, but stats just released by job search website Adzuna suggests that we’re not making it any easier on ourselves. 

A study of 40,000 genuine Aussie CVs, showed that sloppy spelling was a major reason why so many applications were getting rejected, with 67 per cent containing one error and 50 percent more than four.

Yep, Adzuna’s study identified which states were the worst offenders and the words commonly catching people up.  

Over 70 per cent of job-seekers in WA submitted a CV starring the one typo, in Queensland 70 per cent featured at least two and in the ACT just 63 per cent made an error.

The Australian Catholic University’s careers expert Jim Bright told news.com.au that he was not surprised by the survey’s results, and that the national standard, “is pretty appalling generally”

He's also done some research of his own:

“We did some research where we sent genuine resumes, anonymously, to employers across Victoria, and found that having a single spelling mistake reduced chances by 50 per cent.

“It matters a lot. If I’ve got something working for me and they leave a zero off my invoice, I’m going to be grumpy all year. That’s the message that it sends.”

And the worst resume Dr Bright has ever seen? 

A cover letter from a native English-speaking masters student who wrote: “I have exceptional attention to detaile”.

OK, we’re now officially paranoid this story might have a typo (*checks spelling for the 456th time*).

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Written By Cassie Steel

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