You Can Now Book A Holiday At Downton Abbey Through Airbnb

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Where will you be sleeping?

Have you been binging Downton Abbey and just imagining what life would be like in the show's Highclere Castle?

Well, now you can actually live that life for real. 

The show's castle is now available to guests on Airbnb and you can expect the utmost royal treatment. 

Your stay is complete with dinner and drinks with Highclere's own Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and you'll be waited on by their butler. Guests will also receive a private tour of the grounds and a one-night stay in one of the private bedrooms. 

Yes, you read that correctly; you will only be allowed to stay for one night and there are conditions. You must completely immerse yourself as a Downton fan for the duration of your 24-hour stay, as there will be no TVs or wifi available. 

Also, no fake fans allowed. 

Highclere Castle will only open up for reservations on 1 October, with actual visits beginning 26 November. Pricing starts at $230 per night.

Will you be sleeping in the servant's quarters with Carson and Mrs Hughes? Or will you be fine dining up above with Lady Mary Crawley?

Image: Instagram and Airbnb

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Written By Christina Cavaleri