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Win your share of $10,000 with Kate, Tim & Marty!

To celebrate the release of 'The House', Kate, Tim & Marty are giving you the chance to win cash!

All you have to do is nominate a personal item that you would hate to lose. Each day, Kate, Tim and Marty will be valuing these items, and offering the owner a cash amount on the spot.  The choice is yours to accept that cash prize, or risk it all in a game of roulette for the chance to win more!  If the house odds are in your favour, you could walk away with $2000 cash ... or you could lose it all.  Will you take a chance? 

Simply enter below and you could be one step closer to winning big with Kate, Tim & Marty!

You will never look at suburbia the same again after watching The House – the hilarious new comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. In cinemas June 29th.

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Win your share of $10,000 with Kate, Tim & Marty!

Written By Lynette C