Why we can't stop watching the new MLA Lamb commercial

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We're all about celebrating Australia. It's the best, obvs

The latest lamb commercial from Meat & Livestock Australia has started appearing on screens all across the country today and we really love it. It's funny, heart-warming and focused around 'Straya's favourite pastime, the barbie.

The ad begins with Australia's first residents trying to find the perfect spot to get their cook on, but it's not long before more people start arriving to join the party. The new guests include European settlers, as well as many of our more recent migrants.

You'll recognise plenty of familiar faces, including Sam Kekovich, Olympian Cathy Freeman and National Rugby player Wendell Sailor, as well as culinary queen Poh Ling Yeow, cricketer Adam Gilchrist and comedian Rhys Nicholson. 

All are invited to tuck into some lamb and share their own dishes from around the globe, creating the ultimate party – and in turn, a pretty awesome Australia.

Check it out for yourself...

The rest of the world may joke that we have no culture, but we'd argue that actually, we have the best culture (and they're clearly just jel). Where else could you get food from five different continents on one street?

What makes Australia great is the huge mixture of cultural influences throughout our history, and at the end of the day, our love of food is universal. So whether you prefer your lamb roasted, grilled, in a burrito or on skewers, it's all good.

Written By Amy Power
Amy Power

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