Is this the weirdest vending machine in Melbourne?

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There are vending machines for everything these days…

Now musicians in Melbourne can get their gear 24/7 via this amazing new vending machine from a local guitar workshop.

Clingan Guitar Tone have put this huge vending machine out the front of their shop, so if you need strings, capos, drum sticks, cables, picks or straps you’re all set!

You might think there might not be much call for it, but if you’ve ever been caught short mid-rehearsal, or working late in the studio, this is actually a lifesaver when the music stores are shut.

Where: Clingan Guitar Tone, 34 Sackville St, Collingwood

When: It’s open 24 hours! The shop is open Monday – Friday 10 – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm.

Cost: Grab strings from $10, cables from $12 and drum sticks from $10 – bargain!

Images via Clingan Guitar Tone Facebook

Written By Andy Zito