Melbourne! Take your day at the beach next level and get food delivered!

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Oh, this is actually too good of an idea.

The holidays are winding down, there's precious little relaxing time left before we all return to our grey cubicles to read 11,000 emails a day, so why not spend the day at the beach? It's been beautiful in Melbourne the last few days, and spending the day at the beach with friends and family is the perfect way to wrap up the summer season.

But what to do when it's time for dinner? Everyone is having a great time, the idea of getting back in the car seems way too hard, so why not get someone to bring dinner to you on the beach?

You hear me.

Beach Food Delivery.

No, I won't take your money, and no, I especially won't shutup, as I'm yet to give you any information that will help you achieve this lifelong dream you just realised you had.

Here's how easy it is. You just use Deliveroo.

They'll get it to you right at your towel. They'll find you, and you'll be eating and drinking on the sand ready for your post-dinner dip without ever having had to move from your sweet position on the beach!

Head to the Deliveroo app to find out one of the over 150 beaches you can sit on and have your meal brought to you - what a world we live in!

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Written By Andy Zito