KFC Giving Away FREE Chicken Nachos

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And it's just for you Melbourne!

Stop what you're doing! This is an urgent PSA:

I repeat. 


Do you want to know something even better, you can try KFC Chachos (chicken nachos) fo' FREE!

KFC is using the end of daylight savings as an excuse to host a free nachos feast on the streets of Melbourne. 

On Sunday, 7 April, when you're tossing up which calorific feast to indulge in after a big night out on the town,, head to The KFC Food Truck.

The KFC Food Truck will be serving free Chachos in front of the State Library (328 Swanston Street) from 2am to 3am on Sunday morning.

BUT - take heed, hungry partiers - it’s the eve of daylight savings, so the truck will be open AFTER the clock turns back. Ie. the second 2am to 3am.

Still not getting it? Okay. When your phone/Apple Watch/other device says 2:59am, it's going to go BACK to 2am, and that's when you run to the library to stuff your face with free chicken nachos.

But don't get hooked on the Chachos because it will be the first and ONLY time Aussies will be able to try the dish.

Chachos are a take on the classic KFC tenders topped with avocado, Supercharged Sauce, nacho cheese sauce and tomato salsa. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri