Nick Kyrgios’s bizarre and sad press conference after Australian Open loss

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Nick Kyrgios took to the press room off the back of “disinterested” performance on the court at the Australian Open last night


Remember when Nick Kyrgios could do no wrong?

When the young, talented sports star shot to fame, he had nothing but gold stars on the board.

Fast forward to 2017, we still see those brief, shining moments from the fallen golden boy – like earlier this week at the Australian Open.

But his successes have been tainted with frequent bursts of unsportsmanlike conduct.

He is as unpredictable as Melbourne’s weather.

We also can’t make head or tail of his inconsistent performance on the court.

Last night, the 21-year-old’s performance was below par, losing to Andreas Seppi after complaining he wasn’t in the right condition for the game.

But it was off the court that Kyrgios sent conflicting messages to Australia, during a press conference, first blaming his physical state for his poor performance before turning the blame on his mental state.

“I didn’t have the best preparation coming into the Australian Open. (I’m) Pretty banged up, my body.

“My body was sore. I was hurting.

“Poor management, I guess. I think I didn’t have the best preparation. It’s on me. Did a couple things in the off-season that I’m probably not going to do next time. It’s on me, I guess. My body’s not in good enough shape. You live and you learn.”

Kyrgios also said he was looking to pull out of his doubles match with Dan Evans on Thursday because his body was “pretty messed up”, blaming his lack of physical preparation for exiting the grand slam early.

Minutes later, in the same breath, Kyrgios was asked if he attributed the loss to physical problems or mental capacity to handle the pressure.

He admitted it was the mental state.

“I think it’s mental. Mental side of things are big for me. That’s where a coach would be good. But obviously I wasn’t physically 100 per cent. But it’s mental, as well. A massive part of it.”


He also had a go at John McEnroe, after the tennis legend said Kyrgios appeared as if he wasn’t trying.

He said sarcastically: 

“John McEnroe, was it John McEnroe? Good on him. Great career. Good on him.”

Then when he was asked what sort of knee pain he was copping out on the court, and responded with: 

“I don’t know mate, ask Johnny Mac. He knows everything.”

Last night Kyrgios lost the plot against Seppi in a game many expected him to win.

The game lasted three hours, with Seppi to well and truly take it out - 1-6 6-7 6-4 6-2 10-8.

Kyrgios reportedly breezed through the first set before going into meltdown midway through the third, complete with a code violation issued for an audible obscenity.

Then, throwing his racquet to the ground, Kyrgios received another code violation and copped a one-point penalty.

Written By Emily Whitham

He has been sentenced to three years behind bars. 

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Very sad news this morning.