Why You'll Never Spot Louis Tomlinson In A Grocery Store

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Real talk with Louis Tomlinson

Just after he released his new single Two Of Us, Louis Tomlinson called Smallzy to talk all about the song, what his debut album will sound like and when you can expect to see him in Australia.

Smallzy also decided to get real with Louis and ask about grocery shopping, petrol stations and his junk food addiction. You know, just everyday stuff.

Turns out you’ll probably never see Louis doing his own grocery shopping though!

Louis recently appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox in the UK with his friend and former band member Liam Payne to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer, a cause that’s close to their hearts as Louis’ mother passed away from leukaemia.

He told Smallzy all about the behind the scenes on the show, and what it was like filming with Liam.

While on Gogglebox, Louis expressed his frustration to everyone’s favourite food: avocado.

Why does he hate it so much? Smallzy worked it out.

Turns out there’s one way that Louis will eat an avocado - if he gives Smallzy a tattoo.

Is that something you’d want to see happen?

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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Wait, what?

“Stranger things have happened”