Which Netflix Star Doesn’t Even Have A Netflix Account?

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Netflix might be a massive production company pumping out original shows like Black Mirror, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Crown, but it turns out they don’t actually give away free Netflix subscriptions to their cast members!

Stranger Things season three is about to drop next month, but one of the show’s stars revealed that they don’t even have their own Netflix account.

Dacre Montgomery, who plays Billy in the hit TV show, told Smallzy that he leeches off his parents’ and girlfriend’s account to binge the recent season!

We have so many questions…

The new season of Stranger Things drops on July 4, and Dacre strongly recommends bingeing the whole eight episodes in one sitting.

Prepare to take off work!

Apparently, season three is bigger and better than ever.

He’s known as the show’s hottie, but how much can you expect to see him without his shirt on?

Well ladies, you’re in luck…

Written By Lachlan Guertin

What a throwback.

“I’m building on what she created.”

“I will not be defined by what I’ve gone through.”