Smallzy puts Joe Jonas to the ultimate Aussie test

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Will Joe be able to prove that he's worthy of the Aussie green card status?

Fresh out of The Voice Finale, Smallzy caught up with superstar coach Joe Jonas and DNCE!

The band released their hot new single 'TV in the morning' late last week, which presented us with the perfect opportunity to test their knowledge on Australian television personalities  - We know, brillant right?

Check out how Joe and fellow band memeber Cole Whittle took on the challenge...You won't believe who they thought Matt Preston was!

Oh and just in case you wanted some EXTRA TV talk with Joe and Cole... We've got you covered!

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

Seriously... How did we not know this?

We're talking all things merch, weather and er the kinda awkward toilet situations on set!

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