Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Which Celeb Has Someone To Wake Her Up In The Morning?

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Say goodbye to your iPhone alarm

It turns out some celebrities truly do live the ultimate dream.

Imagine never hearing the sound of your alarm again, and instead having someone wake you up everyday.

She’s in the country for her Phoenix Tour at the moment, and Rita Ora FaceTimed Smallzy to talk all about the luxuries of fame.

Apparently, simple tasks like grocery shopping, bedtime routines and even dealing with airport baggage immediately change when you’re a celebrity.

Although she has travelled to Australia on a number of occasions, this is actually the first time Rita has done a headlining tour in the country.

Of course Aussie fans are excited about having her in the country, but they haven’t thrown any of their clothes at her on stage yet…

Rita has a lot of stories about underwear being thrown at her while she’s performing, and she has the BEST reaction to it.

As well as touring the world as a very successful pop star, Rita also appears in the new film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, which comes out in May.

She can be spotted in the newly released trailer, and Smallzy tried to get all the details out of Rita about her upcoming role.

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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