John Cena reveals a MASSIVE 'Transformers' film secret

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OK... We never would have guessed this!

Yesterday, Smallzy was in Hong Kong catching up with John Cena, AKA the co-star of the new Transformers movie 'BumbleBee', and it's safe to say that we learnt A LOT about this film!

The pair discussed the ahhh-mazing soundtrack, (Seriously... You have to get your hands on it) and of course, Smallzy got the former WWE champ to dish all the juicy secrets from behind-the-scenes, including what it was like to work alongside a Transformer - 'cause hey, don't we all wanna know?

Check it all out below and don't forget to catch 'BumbleBee' in cinemas from the 20th of December!





Written By Rosanna Lamotta

Yes… it’s kind of brilliant.

That's right gang, it's time for Hailee to transform Smallzy into art!

You'll never believe what George wants for Christmas this year, gang!