Illy Spills The Deets On His Upcoming Album

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It may or may not feature a Cardi B collab...

You love Illy, his catchy songs and impressive rapping skills, and now it’s official that he has a new album coming this year.

The Aussie artist confirmed to Smallzy that he has written around 50 songs so far, and might even feature some other artists on the new album…

We NEED to hear an Illy track with Cardi B.

Illy also talked to Smallzy about all the things that trigger him, including smooth peanut butter, ice cream in cones and pineapple on pizza.

Things got heated!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“Sign me up!”

“There’s a lot of history behind that song.”

“I’ve [run] through this question seven bajillion times.”