Britney Spears Claims Her Dad Forced Her To Take Drugs

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Last month Britney Spears fans rallied together in the ‘Free Britney’ movement, believing that she was being held in a mental health facility against her will.

Now, it looks like they were right.

Britney stepped in front of a judge in court last week to discuss her conservatorship and her mental health, allegedly wanting to be freed from her father’s control.

TMZ claims that she told the judge that her dad committed her to stay at a mental health facility when she didn’t want to and forced her to take drugs.

Britney spent 30 days at a mental health facility in LA after she allegedly stopped taking medication that kept her stable because they no longer worked.

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Her father Jamie, 66, has been in control of Britney’s finances since 2008 after her very publicised breakdown, but does not have the power to commit her against her will or force her to take drugs without consent.

The judge did not grant Britney more freedom and adjustments in the conservatorship, ruling that she needed to be evaluated by an expert before a decision was made.

Britney was set to kick off her Las Vegas residency Domination earlier this year, but cancelled it in January to spend more time with her dad who had recently been “hospitalised and almost died”.

In April, her fans launched the #FreeBritney campaign, alleging that her father forced her to cancel the residency because she refused to take her medication.

In an attempt to ease concerns, Britney issued a statement on Instagram saying “don’t believe everything you read and hear”.

Hopefully Britney is ok!


Written By Lachlan Guertin

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