Ali Gatie Spills On How He Wrote ‘It’s You’ In 30 Minutes

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“Literally the same day, it went viral”

Canadian singer Ali Gatie is blowing up right now after the release of his track It’s You, which is racing up the charts worldwide.

Calling into Smallzy’s Surgery, Gatie revealed that he actually wrote the hit song in half an hour!

Could he be the next Ed Sheeran?

While fans are wanting the 22-year-old to come down under ASAP, you might have to wait a while…

Ali Gatie told Smallzy that he’s never performed live before.

He’s never even stepped on a stage!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“Luckily it wasn’t at a certain different stage it could’ve been…”

“I screamed so loud my neighbours thought that I was literally being attacked”

“There are several winners now…”