Tommy's 30th: Shark Week


Tommy turned 30 this Monday, and Meshel had a bunch of great gifts for him!

To cap off the huge week of shark-based birthday awesomeness, it was time to swim with sharks at Port Lincoln, thanks to everyone at Adventure Bay Charters!



Watch the full video here:


Kicking off the morning with an amazing selection of costumes, the festivities were in full swing early on, with the 'Red Hot Chili Pepper' outfit front and centre on the birthday boy, who was accompanied by his mates, Darth Vader and the scary hot dog.

Meshel had Tommy's gift delivered by Ava and Ally from The Men's Gallery, and the team had their gift for Tommy delivered by Matt Thunder and Ken Malibu from Magic Men, so it was a very 'topless' morning in the studio, and we can't even show you the photos!

Needless to say, Tommy was rapt with the attention, and was excited to go shark diving at the Melbourne Aquarium that morning!

The birthday costumes

Nazeem Hussain dropped by, in a different hot dog costume to wish Tommy happy birthday and share some birthday breaky lasagne!

Nazeem Hussain is a hot dog. Food eats food.

Then it was time to swim with the sharks! Thanks to the Melbourne Sealife Aquarium, Bradley was on hand to let Tommy live out his dream of swimming with the sharks... and it's lucky for Tommy he was!


The epic gift giving was hit out of the park on Tuesday, when Meshel, not satisfied with the 'showbiz' sharks on offer, decided it was time to up the ante, checking with Rohan, the boss if she could take Tommy diving with wild sharks in Port Lincoln, and drumming up sponsors Dodo cover the cost!

Tommy said, “I’m upset that Nova are so quick to volunteer me for a life threatening activity, I’m clearly not as valuable as I thought I was.”

Tommy Goes Shark Diving!



On Wednesday afternoon, Meshel and Tommy took to the airport with Scotty Little and the team to head to South Australia's beautiful Port Lincoln.

Meshel has convinced Dodo to cover the trip, and they're sparing no expense, with rooms at the Hilton... Motel. Not actually a 'Hilton' Hilton, it's where the gang will be staying for the next couple of nights before Tommy's big shark dive!

Check out the gallery below for highlights from the Instagram Feed - for the full story, check out @meshelandtommy on Instagram!

Stay tuned to this page for shark updates over the rest of the week, thanks to Dodo - giving Tommy the power to swim with sharks. And they’re giving you Free power between 6am and 7am every day on the Dodo Flex plan. Power on with Dodo.

Dodo Power and Gas

Did Meshel & Tommy survive Shark Week in Port Lincoln?

Written By Andy Zito