Matt Tilley, one of Melbourne’s biggest radio stars, has chosen Nova 100 for his long-awaited return to radio.

He can be heard weekdays in mornings from 9am-12pm on Nova 100 in Melbourne.

Matt will join some of the biggest names in Australian radio when he joins Nova 100 to host the morning show from 9am weekdays. Known for his quick wit, Matt will continue to deliver laughs into the workday following Nova 100’s award- winning breakfast show, Chrissie, Sam & Browny.

Matt Tilley said, “It’s been nice to have a break from radio but I’m super keen to get back on and thrilled to be joining Nova. The fact that this shift fits in nicely with my parole conditions is purely coincidental.”

Matt is one of the most successful radio announcers of the past two decades. He is no stranger to Melburnians having spent over 20 years in breakfast radio on Fox FM including 14 years at number one. For six years the radio announcer and comedian was co-host of Tracy & Matt in the Morning before joining Jo Stanley on The Matt and Jo Show in 2003.