Chrissie Swan backs Yvie's passionate speech in the jungle

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"It really meant something to me..."

It's no secret that Chrissie Swan's time in the jungle wasn't her favourite life experience, and after last night's episode, Chrissie wanted to support and double down on the important message given to the nation by current jungle cast member, Gogglebox's Yvie Jones.

Having struggled with body image and her own weight, Yvie was not pleased when the 'weigh in' segment of the show popped up. Arguably, weighing in and being a celebrity in the jungle have literally nothing to do with each other, and Yvie's message to her fellow competitors, some (most?) of whom have possibly never had to even think about the struggles with weight that Yvie has faced over her life, was heartfelt.

Watch Yvie's speech here:

Chrissie felt for Yvie and shared her own experience with the focus on her weight in the jungle, saying it's 'horrific for anyone who has struggled with their weight' to be under such scrutiny over such an irrelevant factor in her role in the TV contest, and that it really makes you want to 'hide away'.

Chrissie was moved by Yvie's speech, adding it 'really meant something to me', but not before offering some advice to narcissist Justin Lacko who turned Yvie's speech into being about himself: 'it's never an opportunity to say 'what about me?', and 'just listen.'

Listen to Chrissie's segment here:

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Written By Andy Zito

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