Sam Pang Tells An Anecdote: Garlic Chicken Roll

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"I'm not really an anecdotalist."

You know that Browny is the best storyteller around, and that he firmly believes that 'detail is the hero of any anecdote'.

You also know that Sam fancies himself as more of a 'zinger' kind of guy, and so when Browny heard that Sam had an anecdote to share, he was quick to reserve a segment!

Sam's mate, who shall not be named, except then is named, had a huge night out, and was abandoned by his friends, but it was his trip home that was the stuff of legend.

Watch Sam Pang tell his 'Garlic Chicken Roll' anecdote:

Written By Andy Zito

Chrissie, Sam & Browny had a serious question, and David Campbell was more than happy to answer...

What a huge week!

He didn't even think he was going to get through!