A Man of Few Words. Sam Pang: An Actor's Journey

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One man's heartbreaking journey back to the small screen.

Sam Pang, radio star and featured 'personality' on a hot TV quiz, has always wanted to feature as an actor.

After the public response to his 'small role' on last season's True Story with Hamish & Andy was 'mixed', he really dug deep to decide if it was still something he wanted to pursue.

With the help of some of the industry's biggest names, Sam got back in the game and booked a tiny 'two word' role on a brand new epsiode of True Story.

Watch Sam's heartbreaking journey as an actor here:

Written & Directed by Andy Zito with Oriel Guthrie

Executive Producers Andy Lee, Hamish Blake & John Origlasso

Shot by Oriel Guthrie, Andy Zito, Hicham Wahid

Audio by Tim Mountford

Special Guests: Gina Riley, Andy Lee, Ryan Shelton, William McInnes, Michala Banas, Kate Jenkinson, Cookie Monster, Robyn Butler, Bernard Curry, Julia Morris, Todd McKenney, Shane Jacobson.

Narrator: Tony Martin

Special Thanks: Andy Lee, John Origlasso, Tony Martin, Sam Pang

Written By Andy Zito

What a LOLfest!

"I'm going to have to pump the brakes on that for a sec..."

"I know... right?"