Justine Schofield will NEVER let these two people in her kitchen post-jungle!

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Stop giving her cooking advice, people!

Chatting to Justine Schofield about her time in the jungle, we wondered how it felt being, you know, a professional TV cook and still having people offering her 'advice' on how to do what she's doing. Sure, we're not dealing with teflon pans and induction burners, but still, she probably can figure it out as she goes, am I right?

Jungle alum Chrissie Swan shared her experience with Justine about the relief you feel when they say it's time to go home, and Justine's direct honesty was refreshing!

Swan said 'I remember being devastated,' that she had to stay 'another day'.

We also spoke to Justine about her favourite junglemates, and she revealed the two contestants she'd never let into her Everyday Gourmet kitchen.

So who doesn't get an invite to Justine's kitchen? Listen:

Written By Andy Zito

What a LOLfest!

"I'm going to have to pump the brakes on that for a sec..."

"I know... right?"