Justin Lacko struggles to keep up in 'hard hitting' post-jungle interview

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"What does that mean?"

There's no one Chrissie has been a bigger fan of that Justin Lacko, the unknown model who has become known for being on reality TV programs and not remembering that he shouldn't talk.

She championed his special brand of wisdom during his time on Love Island, and even though he hasn't come off all that well in the jungle, there's no arguing he's an entertaining person to watch, because, you know, what will he say?

Justin talked to Chrissie and Browny about his experience in the jungle, and all of the interesting things he's witnessed in South Africa. Chrissie pointed out that his time on a 'closed set' means that he doesn't 'really experience the country, which is sad'.

Importantly, the topic of Justin's self-appointed iconic status came up again on the show, on a particularly poorly timed diatribe about himself after fellow contestant Yvie's powerful speech about the show's weigh ins, and as bad as it looked, Chrissie wanted to know what he was on about...

She asked 'are you being ironic when you call yourself an icon?'

Lacko's answer: 'what's ironic mean?'

*crickets chirping*

Listen back to the full chat here, it wasn't all bad:

Written By Andy Zito

What a LOLfest!

"I'm going to have to pump the brakes on that for a sec..."

"I know... right?"