NSFW: Browny Reads Go The F*ck To Sleep

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Goodnight, kiddies.

It's a classic book you probably wouldn't actually read to your kids, but now you don't have to.

Browny will do it.

If you're having trouble getting those kiddos off to sleep, just play them this very nice video of AFL legend, father and all round nice guy, Jonathan Brown reading the classic night time bed time lullaby time story, Go The F*ck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortes.

NOTE: The language might be a bit much, so maybe don't take our advice here. Your call.

WARNING: There's F words in this.

WARNING: You can't say we didn't warn you.

Watch the uncut, uncensored, full length version of Jonathan Brown reading Go The F*ck To Sleep:

Do you love it so much you want to hear it all the time?

Enjoy the audiobook!

Written By Andy Zito

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